Irish Sailing and Mountaineering Adventure Challenge - The ISAMAC

2nd ISAMAC: Saturday 1 June 2019 - race starts at 6pm

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The Irish Sailing and Mountaineering Adventure Challenge - The ISAMAC - is an adventure challenge sailing and mountaineering race from Kinsale to Dingle, taking in three mountains, two of them being amongst the highest in Ireland. Interested in further details? Email

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Early-bird entry for the 2019 race is £300 per team, rising to the standard rate of GBP£400 on 1 January 2019 and then to a final 'late rate' of GBP£500 per crew on 1 April 2019. Entry closes on 1 May 2019.

1st ISAMAC: Saturday 16 June 2018 onwards

The first-ever Irish Sailing and Mountaineering Adventure Challenge (the ISAMAC) took place from 16 June 2018, attracting three intrepid teams. One team dropped out with debilitating sea-sickness after 12 hours of the race. Another team had to retire after their yacht suffered multiple gear failures, but they continued on by land and completed all of the land-stages. The third team, Sasseknackered, completed all of the sailing legs and all of the land-stages, and so became the only finishers and first winners of the inaugural ISAMAC. It CAN be done! After the race, donations have been made to the RNLI and Kerry Mountain Rescue.

View the full write-ups, video and GPS traces of the teams on the ISAMAC History page.

Twitter: #ISAMAC-race


The ISAMAC starts at 6pm on a Saturday in Kinsale with a 12.5km ‘Two Forts’ running race in Kinsale. Crews then sail to Adrigole to run the Hungry Hill ridge, before sailing to Templenoe to cycle to and climb Carrauntoohil - Ireland’s highest mountain at 1038m. The final sailing leg is to Dingle, from where the runners will take the spectacular ridge to Mount Brandon (952m) and back to Dingle to the finish - in John Benny’s Pub. Rowing is allowed. Route descriptions are here.

Teams can enter in one of two classes, the 'All Rounders Class' or the 'Runners Class': In the 'All-rounders Class,' every member of the crew must summit at least one of the three 'peaks,' with teams of at least two required for each leg. In the 'Runners Class,' each boat has two nominated runners - these two nominated specialised runners must summit every peak. Additional support runners are not allowed in the Runners Class.

The ISAMAC has been created to take in the most spectacular sailing in Ireland - as well as its most challenging and iconic mountain landscapes. The mountain sections are the most direct and elegant routes, keeping runners off roads as much as is possible and practical, while making the most of ridge walking/running opportunities and views. Dolphins, gannets, seals, skylarks and plenty of other wildlife awaits you too!


Race kindly supported by:

Kinsale Yacht Club

Sovereign Sailing Kinsale

West Cork Sailing and Powerboating Centre (Adrigole)

Templenoe Rowing Club (Check out the club's Wild Atlantic Challenge - each May)

Finnegan's Cycles, Kenmare

Kenmare Tours & Travel, Kenmare

Tom Crean's, Kenmare

Stepping Stones Bed and Breakfast, Cookie Monsters Cafe (at the foot of Carrauntoohil)

Dingle Sailing Club

John Benny's Pub, Dingle


Come and have a go if you think you're hard enough!