Irish Sailing and Mountaineering Adventure Challenge

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Date: June 2018 - Date to be confirmed

The ISAMAC is an adventure challenge race for crews of five from Kinsale to Dingle, taking in three mountains, two of them among the highest in Ireland.

Two classes: In the 'All-rounders Class,' every member of the crew of five must summit at least one of the three 'peaks.'

In the 'Runners Class,' teams of at least two to summit each peak.

Rowing allowed.


Start: Kinsale, County Cork

10km race around Kinsale - row to waiting yachts

Sail 130km (70nm) to Adrigole

Moor at Adrigole: Dinghy ashore, run to the top of Hungry Hill (685m, approx 20km round trip - route map here)

Sail 100km (54nm) to Kenmare

Moor at Kenmare: Dinghy ashore, cycle to and then run up and down Carrauntoohil (1038m, approx 100km (40km each way on the bikes, 20k round-trip on foot at the mountain) - route map here). Bikes are to be delivered to Kenmare by a shore team (or rented from Kenmare!).

Sail 110km (59nm) to Dingle

Moor at Dingle: Climb Mount Brandon (952m, 32km round trip - route map here)

Finish in Dingle - at a bar!

Total sailing distance (Kinsale to Dingle): 340km (184nm)

Return leg, Dingle to Kinsale : 200km (110nm)

That's just about doable in a long week!

And here's what it would look like...

Irish Sailing and Mountaineering Adventure Challenge

Prizes: Fastest at the starting race in Kinsale and on each of the hills; Fastest for all sailing legs; Fastest overall, fastest all-rounder crew; Best photograph; Best video; best write-up/blog; Oldest crew to finish; Last yacht to finish.

More info to come, as and when...

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