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ISAMAC - Latest race news

NEWSFLASH - 2 March - The SECOND team to enter the ISAMAC is Team Aurora - in fact, they entered the race previously and have now re-confirmed for 2022.

Skipper Oscar Chess cannot wait for the race to start: "I've been messing about in boats all my life. Sailed lots of dinghies, cats and cruisers and enjoy them all. Started rowing a wooden dinghy around the local harbour when I was three and it's been downhill all the way from there."

"Loving the buzz and team challenge of Peaks racing, keen to try a few different ones to experience the raw beauty of these islands. Team Aurora started 43 years ago at a Filey Osprey Nationals, when my crew was too wasted to sail, Charlie stepped in on trapeze for the first race. Even the rudder falling off my J24 in a gale half way to Ireland hasn't put him off."

"Will joined the crew as our wives were working together. He is awesome on a kiteboard and has sailed cruisers for ever. Will is the sensible one that reins-in my daft ideas. Bill and TJ, our runners, are the proof that every cloud has a silver lining after John, one of our original runners had a nasty accident on The Paps and hung up his Peaks race boots. Both can run the mountains of Scotland with their eyes shut, dish up lasagne heeled at 30 degrees and want to row and crack jokes after a 22 mile run to Goatfell and back."

Welcome - it's going to be a great race!


NEWSFLASH - 28 February - The second team to enter the ISAMAC will beTeam 'Not so lean machines,' skippered by Ben Parmenter on the J35 'Lean Machine.' Ben is leading the second team to enter as all-rounders. As Ben says, "We've a couple of keen runners, and some avid sailors... what could possibly go wrong :-)?"

PS: Not So Lean Machines dropped out of the race before the start, due to crewing difficulties.

Getting to the start line is, as always, half of the fight!


NEWSFLASH - 1 February - The Hardy Feckers are the first team to enter the ISAMAC 2022, in the all-rounders class. For skipper Rob McCaffrey, this will be the third time of entry (previously as Trionium and Trionium Two) - and he aims to defend his team's win at the second ISAMAC in 2019. "We'll use all the tips and tricks that we've learned to try and mitigate the extra years and injuries we've picked up along the way. One way or another, it should be a great race!"

Now, who's next?!


NEWSFLASH 9 November 2021 - ISAMAC 2022 now confirmed for 28 May 2022

The ISAMAC 2022 has now been confirmed to start from Kinsale at 5pm on Saturday 28 May 2022.

Several crews are ready to enter, and as soon as they do, the news will be posted here. Get ready for a great race!


NEWSFLASH - ISAMAC 2021 postponed to 2022 due to coronavirus pandemic


NEWSFLASH 25 March 2020 - ISAMAC 2020 postponed to 2021 due to coronavirus pandemic

The ISAMAC 2020 has been postponed to 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic. Two teams have confirmed that they will carry-over their entry fees to the 2021 race, with the other two teams reviewing the situation when the new start dates are announced. Sorry for any inconvenience, folks. We will return!


NEWSFLASH 10 February 2020 - Trackers ordered for the ISAMAC 2020

The first order of trackers for the ISAMAC 2020 has been made.


NEWSFLASH 2 January 2020 - Fourth team enters for the ISAMAC 2020

The fourth team for the ISAMAC has entered: Team Endeavour, skippered by Olly Graffy, will be sailing their Morgan Yachts North American 40 'Montombi' from Falmouth to take part in the race in the Runners Class (alongside Team Aurora). Skipper Olly comes with an impressive pedigree: 18 years sailing experience, with eight years as a professional skipper on offshore and classic racing boats, more than 10,000 miles at sea with three transatlantic crossings and a Fastnet under his belt. Crewmate Edward Gleadowe said "We are a crew from Falmouth, formed by Edward and Olly after Ed found the race and asked Olly to bring his sailing experience to the team. Ed has the mountain experience, with many fell races and munroes under his belt from time spent in the lake district and Scotland. Meanwhile Olly has had a professional sailing career and built a wealth of racing knowledge to rely on. This is the first time entering the ISAMAC and all of us are looking forward to the challenges ahead!"

The ISAMAC 2020 welcomes Team Endeavour, and we wish them good luck! Now, who’s next?!


NEWSFLASH 16 December - Third team enters for the ISAMAC 2020

The third team for the ISAMAC has entered: The Yankee Clippers, direct from the USA. The All-Rounder team has chartered a Beneteau Oceanis 411 from Sovereign Sailing in Kinsale, and will be skippered by Lewis McCaffrey, a returning participant from the first-ever ISAMAC in 2018. Lewis, twin brother to race organiser Rob McCaffrey, is an experienced skipper who now lives in the US, and he will be bringing a crack crew of athletes with him to try and snatch the ISAMAC trophy back across the Atlantic.

The ISAMAC 2020 welcomes the Yankee Clippers, and we wish them good luck! Now, who’s next?!


NEWSFLASH 2 December - Second team enters for the ISAMAC 2020

The second team for the ISAMAC has entered: Team Aurora, from Swansea, on a Contessa 33, entering the Runners Class. Skipper Oscar Chess says, “Team Aurora started 43 years ago at a Filey Osprey Nationals, when my crew was too wasted to sail. Charlie stepped in on trapeze for the first race. Even the rudder falling off my J24 in a gale half way to Ireland hasn't put him off. Will joined the crew as our wives were working together.He is awesome on a kiteboard and has sailed cruisers for ever. Will is the sensible one that reigns-in my daft ideas. Bill and TJ, our runners, are the proof that every cloud has a silver lining, after John, one of our original runners had a nasty accident on The Paps and hung up his Peaks race boots. Both can run the mountains of Scotland with their eyes shut, dish up lasagne heeled at 30 degrees and want to row and crack jokes after a 22 mile run to Goatfell and back. I’ve been messing about in boats all my life, sailed lots of dinghies, cats and cruisers and enjoy them all. Started rowing a wooden dinghy around the local harbour when I was three and it's been downhill all the way from there. Loving the buzz and team challenge of Peaks racing, keen to try a few different ones to experience the raw beauty of these islands.”

The ISAMAC 2020 welcomes Team Aurora, and we wish them good luck! Now, who’s next?!


NEWSFLASH 17 October - Background action...

Although it might seem quiet, in the background things are afoot. The ISAMAC is being actively advertised on Facebook (to 120,000 UK and Irish sailors who run, and runners who sail), as well as through Undoubtedly teams are forming, and probably there will be a rush to enter before the 31 December early-bird deadline, as in previous years. One team from the US has chartered a yacht in Kinsale for the race and will be flying specifically for the race.

Still thinking about whether to enter? Let me ask you one question: If not now, then when?


NEWSFLASH 4 September - First team registers for ISAMAC 2020

The first team has registered for the 3rd ISAMAC 2020: Race organiser Robert McCaffrey has taken a pithy epithet from the skipper of one of the other teams describing the efforts of his team in the 2019 as his team name for 2020: The Hardy Feckers. Skipper Rob says that his aim is for the Hardy Feckers (an All-Rounder team) to put in some good times on both land and sea - although even finishing is never a given. "We have learned many hard lessons over the last two years, and we hope to be able to apply these in 2020. We are also looking forward to excellent craic with the other crews, as in previous years."


NEWSFLASH 13 July - Rule addition

On Carrauntoohil, you may summit Curraghmore (822m) only and incur a 3-hour time penalty, or Caher (1001m) only, and incur a 2-hour time penalty. Teams that do not summit at least Curraghmore will be deemed not to have summited at all, and will thus retire from the race.


NEWSFLASH 13 July - Rule addition

At the suggestion of teams in the ISAMAC 2019, the following rule has been adopted: For reasons of safety, the use of an outboard engine on a dinghy used to drop-off or pick-up runners is optional. We believe that the added faff of securing such an engine would not give a team taking such an option a significant time advantage.


NEWSFLASH 6 June - ISAMAC 2019 successfully concluded

The second ISAMAC has successfully concluded, with four teams on the start line, and two finishers. Please read the History page for all details. See you all next year!


NEWSFLASH 28 May - Race viewer live

The organisers have now received the race trackers and the race viewer is now live at


NEWSFLASH 19 May - Rule addition

Yachts do not have to be anchored to launch or retrieve their dinghy: For example, at Templenoe, it would be allowed for a yacht to motor in to a shallow spot, launch the dinghy and then to motor to a separate (deeper) anchorage and do the same when picking up runners.


NEWSFLASH 17 May - Rule addition

Crew members may leave the boat at any stage (for example for work, illness, injury etc), provided that they have completed their mandatory peak, in which case the rest of the crew may complete the race with no penalty.


NEWSFLASH 16 May - ISAMAC 3 dates announced for 2020

The 3rd Irish Sailing and Mountaineering Adventure Challenge will take place starting in Kinsale at 6pm on Saturday 30 May 2020.

Come and have a go if you think you're tough enough!


NEWSFLASH 15 May - Race long-sleeved t-shirts go into production

All crew of each boat receive the race t-shirt at registration.


NEWSFLASH 24 April - Route description updated, rules clarified

The route description has been updated, to clarify that Hungry Hill is climbed in a clockwise direction.

The rules have been clarified to say that it is allowed in the All-Rounders Class that - for example - four members of the crew might climb Hungry Hill, and the other two crew members ascend the other peaks, or any other combination of scenarios, so long as each crew member summits at least one of the three peaks.


NEWSFLASH 17 April - Team Trionium Two seeks final crewmember for ISAMAC#2

Team Trionium Two is looking for a sailor who can run/a runner who can sail, to fill up the last place on this fast boat.All costs are shared - total cost for the week will be around £700 each (including yacht hire, race entry, cycle hire, food and drink etc etc). If interested, please email


NEWSFLASH 29 March - Fifth crew entered for ISAMAC#2 - welcome to 'Supernova goes X-rated'!

Dave O'Neill (38) has entered the fifth team for the ISAMAC 2019, on his Starlight 35 'Supernova,' with team name 'Supernova goes X-rated.' Dave has put together a team of six, to challenge for the 'Runners class' - delivering two named runners to the three main hills. Supernova will be up against the rugby-playing ladies of the 'Lady Buoys' in the Runners Class and it should be a fascinating contest. Dave has plenty of experience, having undertaken the Round Ireland Race in 2018, a passage from Mayo to Spain in 2017, regular coastal and inshore racing in Mayo and regatta racing each year.

As Dave says, "The team is from Mayo sailing club so we are well used to wild West sailing. We all race together on an x332 called X-rated but have opted for a bit more comfort than speed and will be racing on Supernova, hence the name. We've many years experience racing round the cans and sailing from pub to pub along the coast. Our runners are big into their adventure racing and mountain climbing. With Croagh Patrick in our back garden it's been getting a lot of use for training!"

We welcome Dave and his crew and we look forward to meeting them at the race!

Now, who's next?!


NEWSFLASH 17 December 2018 - Fourth entry for ISAMAC#2

Elise O'Byrne-White has become the fourth skipper to enter a team for the ISAMAC 2019, in the ‘Runners’ Class,’ sailing on a 33’ Contest called Andromeda, with her team, ‘Lady Buoys.’ Elise explains: “We are a group of friends with a mutual love of food (first and foremost), outdoor adventures and banter. We will be joined by a land-based support team called the ‘Land Mammoths’! We originally met on the rugby pitch and are all former international rugby players. We wonder, will our rucking and mauling skills be transferable to the nautical life?!"

The skipper of the team is Elise O' Byrne-White, whose father Geoffrey bought the boat last year with the idea that they would enjoy sailing the west coast of Ireland like they had for many summers before. Unfortunately, Geoffrey died last June and so this trip has a particular significance. The boat is moored in Kinsale.

Heather and Paula are our runners/mountain crawlers! They are taking their nutrition seriously and will endeavour to carry the compulsory 200g of chocolate at all times.

The ISAMAC welcomes Elise and her intrepid crew - we look forward to mucking and rauling with you before, during and after the race!

Now, who's next?!


NEWSFLASH 25 October 2018 - Third entry for ISAMAC#2

The third team in the ISAMAC 2019 has been confirmed: James Reidy has entered his Colvic UFO 27 ‘Wildcat’, with team name PullTheMiddleRope, into the ‘All-Rounders’ category.

James states that his own experience is 'Approx 1500nm coastal and offshore, as well as weekly club racing in the Shannon Estuary.' He has the Yachtmaster Offshore practical. Ashore, his training consists of 'some non competitive cycling, hill-walking and running after cattle.'

The rest of his crew, he says, is a 'mixed bag of inexperience' with a tough winter of training ahead:

David Tierney (Controls Engineer): A couple of 10ks, a marathon, a cycle round the Ring of Kerry and now in heavy training for "Strictly Come Dancing"

Ian Mulderrig (Controls Engineer): Towers above men who worship him for his mighty beard, this man has been known to climb Croagh Patrick in a couple of bounds. Headsails have been known to trim themselves rather than be handled by this mans raw power.

Mark Barry (Engineering Lecturer): Sailor with Yachtmaster Offshore practical and approx 1500nm who recently relocated his boat from the Atlantic to the Baltic due to his inability to work out tidal curves. When not sailing can be found falling down a hill on a bike or kite-surfing.

Joe Lee (Controls Engineer): Considered too hipster for Roscommon, this man was deported to Limerick some years back. To counter the calories from the large volumes of warm bottled Guinness, this man has cycled from Mizen to Malin, East to West and various events in between. Mainly known for his abilities to distract crew from their trimming duties.
The ISAMAC 2019 welcomes Team PullTheMiddleRope and wish them the best of luck!

Now, who's next?!


NEWSFLASH 12 October 2018 - Second entry for ISAMAC#2

Team Trionium is back to have another crack at the ISAMAC (All-Rounders Class)... determined to finish it in 2019!


NEWSFLASH 11 October 2018 - First entry for ISAMAC#2

Rob Murphy, skipper of yacht Giselle, has entered the first team (All-Rounders Class) for 2019: #UpTheFlats. Full kudos to you Rob!


NEWSFLASH 10 October 2018 - Racing yacht offered for ISAMAC#2

Dave O'Connor has a racing yacht, Reflex 38, 'Lynx,' available for charter for the ISAMAC#2. Contact Dave directly on 00353871417564


NEWSFLASH 1 July 2018 - ISAMAC #2, 2019 dates announced

The 2nd Irish Sailing and Mountaineering Adventure Challenge will take place starting at 6pm on Saturday 1 June 2019, starting in Kinsale. Come and have a go if you think you're hard enough!


NEWSFLASH 21 June 2018 - ISAMAC 2018 is complete!

The first-ever Irish Sailing and Mountaineering Adventure Challenge (the ISAMAC) took place from 16 June 2018, attracting three intrepid teams. One team dropped out with debilitating sea-sickness after 12 hours of the race. Another team had to retire after their yacht suffered multiple gear failures, but they continued on by land and completed all of the land-stages. The third team, Sasseknackered, complete all of the sailing legs and all of the land-stages, and so became the only finishers and first winners of the inaugural ISAMAC. It CAN be done!

View the write up on the ISAMAC History page.


NEWSFLASH 15 June 2018 - Teams on the move

Team members, boats and marshals are now on the move towards Kinsale. This 'news' section will go quiet for the duration of the race. For live updates, please use the YellowBrick Tracker viewer on the home page, and make sure to view 'social media' using the tab on the right hand side of the view. Please tweet us on #ISAMAC-race - we'd love to hear any support or news.

See you on the other side!


NEWSFLASH 7 June 2018 - Entry clarification

Team Sassenackered is an entrant into the 'Runners' class, meaning that two designated runners will run each of the land legs.


NEWSFLASH 7 June 2018 - Rule clarification - race timing

The race is essentially self-timed, with additional back-up of YellowBrick trackers, (see YellowBrick instructions here) which are to be carried by all teams when sailing and when running (including on the Two Forts Run in Kinsale). Teams are to fill in an 'ISAMAC Times Card' (provided at race registration) for each sailing and running leg, and to sign and submit this to the organisers at the race finish in Dingle.

A mandatory five minute kit check will take place before each mountain stage, the time of which is included in the mountain stage. You will not be permitted to start until your five minutes have elapsed (same rule for everyone). If for any reason the marshals are not present (delayed, asleep, departed, etc), you are requested to honestly conduct your own five minute kit check check, in the Corinthian Spirit.


NEWSFLASH 6 June 2018 - New photos showing route onto Hungry Hill

Susan Steele of team Ocean Eagles has sent in photos of the route onto Hungry Hill - and these have been posted onto the home page.

Note 2019: The route is now climbed in a clockwise direction, so Susan's photos show the route off Hungry Hill!


NEWSFLASH 6 June 2018 - Post-race dinner confirmed for Kinsale Yacht Club on Friday 22 June

The ISAMAC post-race dinner has been confirmed for Kinsale Yacht Club at 7pm on Friday 22 June. All crews and marshals are welcome to attend - please pay for your own food and drink. There will be speeches and race prizes!


NEWSFLASH 6 June 2018 - Mandatory Kit list downloadable as PDF & aide-memoire for packing

Download ISAMAC Kit List as pdf

An aide-memoire of packing has also been added to the FAQs page, as follows:

Sleeping bag
Travel pillow or similar
Sailing boots or trainers with non-marking soles
Thermal underwear/jumper/thermal layer for sailing
Sailing suit/oilies/sou’wester
Warm hat
Sailing gloves
Spare glasses if you have them/need them
Sun hat
Sun cream
Lip balm (etc)
Insect repellant
Running kit! (including any vaseline/body lube/medications etc)
Camera/phone/tablet etc
Recharging cables and adaptors
Swimming trunks/wet suit
Fishing gear
Slippers/pyjamas/velvet smoking jacket/ivory cigarette holder
Smart clothes for onshore & ISAMAC dinner
Any sailing qualification certificates/log book
Spending money (personal)
Sea-sickness tablets if required
Towel and toiletries

Food and drink!


NEWSFLASH 6 June 2018 - Rule clarification - YB Trackers

• Each team MUST carry their YellowBrick Tracker on each land leg.


NEWSFLASH 5 June 2018 - YellowBrick Tracker map live

The race homepage has been updated to show the live race tracking from YellowBrick Tracking. The team information will be updated in the next couple of days.

The race can also been seen live at


NEWSFLASH 2 June 2018 - Rule change: Runners not completing mountain routes

The following rule changes are now included:

“Competitors must exercise their own mountain judgement as to the appropriate action to take in case of any emergency, including but not limited to leaving a partner in a warm safe environment to seek help from others.

If a running team wishes to use a substitute runner to complete the course (in case one of the team is injured, for example), then the entire team should restart that running route from the beginning.

On the Dingle-to-Brandon-to-Dingle stage only, 'excess' members of the shore party (if the shore party is larger than 2) are allowed to leave the route at Mount Brandon ONLY to make their way back to Dingle, while at least two runners must complete the entire route. “

This substitutes for the following section:

“If one member of the team cannot continue the whole team is retired – The only exception is in the case of an emergency, when competitors must exercise their own mountain judgement as to the appropriate action to take, including but not limited to leaving a partner in a warm safe environment to seek help from others.”


NEWSFLASH 1 June 2018 - Race t-shirts ordered!

All crew of each boat receive the race t-shirt at registration.


NEWSFLASH 31 May 2018 - Rule change

Cyclists must additionally wear a helmet during the bike stages.


NEWSFLASH 30 May 2018 - ISAMAC 2019 - Date announced

The 2nd ISAMAC will take place starting in Kinsale on Saturday 1 June 2019.


NEWSFLASH 26 May 2018 - Rule change

Use of engines in Dingle Harbour - Yachts must proceed under engine-power after arriving at the Light Tower on the Eastern side of the entrance to Dingle Harbour, due to the narrowness of the channel and possible/likelihood of commercial boats in the area.


NEWSFLASH 2 May 2018 - Race rules published, including kit list

The race rules have been published on the race web site, taking account of the long experience of the organisers of both the South West Three Peaks Race and the Scottish Islands Peaks Race.


NEWSFLASH 29 April 2018 - Final reconnaissance complete - Dingle-Brandon route will be 'a challenging adventure'

The organisers have reconnoitered the Dingle-Brandon Ridge - and guarantee that it will be a challenging adventure. With a round-route distance of 32km and a total altitude gain (there and back) of 1800m, the round-trip is 'a serious ask' and a perfect finish for the ISAMAC. "It is borderline impossible, which means that it is possible - just," says Rob McCaffrey, race organiser. Competitors are warned that there are no sources of water along the route, and so will need to take adequate supplies for what will be substantially beyond a marathon effort. The route travels over several kilometers of boggy ground, and feet are bound to suffer (druing the reconnaissance, all of the running team lost the feeling in their toes due to freezing bogs and snow showers - in late April), although the ridge dries out in its upper reaches. Navigation along the route is not difficult, but in mist and at night, care would have to be taken - parts of the route are close to potentially-fatal precipes.

The recce team also climbed Carrauntoohil - almost: due to lack of time, the team turned back with only 1km of ridge-walking to go to get to the top. After our second unsuccessful attempt to get to the top, once again we re-emphasis the seriousness of this peak!

Additional photos from the recce are being posted to the main page.


NEWSFLASH 27 April 2018 - Final reconnaissance of course planned

Second recce trip, 28-30 April, is underway: Carrauntoohil, and the Dingle-Brandon Ridge. More information will shortly be posted to the event web site.


NEWSFLASH 16 February 2018 - Sasseknackered becomes third team to enter the ISAMAC

John Coombes, skipper of Beneteau Oceanis 37 'Hope' is the third skipper to enter for the ISAMAC 2018. Experienced skipper John (who has 15 years as an owner, 12,000nm of skipper experience (3000nm solo) and was an entrant in the Scottish Islands Peaks Race in 2011), has brought together a strong crew of a certain vintage, "who quite frankly should know better." The crew "gather every year for adventures on and off the water with variable success," and will be on the start line in June to contest for the 'All-rounders' prize - along with the first two teams to enter. As well as experienced skipper John, the crew is made up of Andy and Simon Erritt (hailing from Northern Ireland) who are the running core with a number of marathons between them, Rob Harrison - an experienced sailor - and Peter Munro-Lott, the navigator and coordinator of the south-of-England based team. As Peter says, “We’ve been doing ‘challenges’ together for the last eight years or so: We try and do a challenge every year, mostly on the water (Scottish Islands Peaks Race etc) but we did do a land-based quadrathlon in Scotland in 2016 which hurt way too much. We did contemplate sailing across from Cornwall in 'Hope,' but life has got in the way so we're hiring a boat out of Kinsale with Sovereign Sailing. Our average age is around 54."

Well, however you get there, and however old you are, welcome aboard - and good luck!


NEWSFLASH 8 February 2018 - Team Ocean Eagles completes reconnaissance of bike route to Carrauntoohil

Tom Murray and team mate Gerry Crowley have completed a reconnaissance of the cycle stage from Templenoe Pier to the Lack Road (at the foot of the climb to Carrauntoohil). Tom says, “It’s a great route with amazing scenery, and a tough climb up to the top of the Ballaghbeama Gap. The roads, while single track for a good part of the route, are in excellent condition by Irish standards.”

“We did the route [there-and-back] with an on-the-bike time of 3 hours and 50mins. This does not include times stopped for looking at maps, eating etc. We tracked it on our GPS and made it out to be 63km. Total ascent was 702 metres, with the first leg [from Templenoe to the foot of the hill] accounting for 408m and the balance, 294m, on the return journey which was easier. If you have to climb Carrauntoohil as well, the legs will certainly know about it on the way back to the boats!”

Nice one lads!


NEWSFLASH 30 January 2018 - Rules clarifcation

All-rounder teams must put ashore at least 2 runners, but may put ashore up to 4 runners for the mountain stages (on the basis that having more than two runners is not a speed advantage) and may put ashore the entire crew of 5 to run the Mount Brandon ridge, on the basis that the yacht will be securely tied-up in Dingle Marina; The time taken for each land-leg will be the time for the final two runners to finish the leg.

Runners' teams will put ashore only two runners for each of the land-legs.


NEWSFLASH 29 January 2018 - (Background) Preparations underway...

The first batch of orders for the ISAMAC race's Yellow Brick trackers has been submitted.

Flights have been booked for international competitors coming from the US and UK to attend the race.


NEWSFLASH 11 January 2018 - Changes to rules

Following discussions with prospective skippers, the following rule changes have been instituted for safety and for the increased enjoyment of the race by crews:

Engine power may be used in the final approach to the anchorage at Templenoe, and on departure;

On the ridge route to Mount Brandon, Cnoc Bhaile Ui Shé (623m) must be ascended on the route to An Gearan (803m), and on the return leg as well.


NEWSFLASH 10 January 2018 - Crew-members looking for boats

The following are looking for boats: please contact them directly and let me know if they have agreed to take part (so that we can take them off this list).

We can't vouch for their skills/abilities, sorry! (Richard Kirby) (Denise Cummins) (Nathanael Booker and Fiona) (both very strong runners) (Laura May Williams)



Robert McCaffrey, organiser of the race and also race entrant (paying the same as any other crew) has become the second 'all-rounder' entrant to the ISAMAC:

"I wanted to do the Irish equivalent of the Scottish Islands Peaks Race (SIPR) and Three Peaks Yacht Race (3PYR), and when I discovered that there wasn't one, I decided to organise it myself. My twin brother Lewis is flying from New York to be a part of our crew, which should be fun. It'll be a challenge - but it will be an adventure never to be forgotten!"


Stuart Aikman (stalwart sailor, doughty runner, solid as a rock, SIPR, 3PYR)
Dennis Earl (AKA ‘the greyhound,’ smiles through the hardest of times - just as well, SIPR, 3PYR)
Robert McCaffrey (skipper, SIPR, 3PYR)
Lewis McCaffrey (twin brother, strong sailor, improving runner, general all-round mountain-man, flying from the US for the race)
Kate Standeven (sailor, powerful mountain-runner, boundless energy and good humour, excellent in the galley, SIPR, 3PYR)



Tom Murray - Team Ocean Eagles - is the first (ever) skipper to enter the ISAMAC!

As Tom says, "Our 'all-rounder' team is comprised of myself as Skipper and we will be doing at least one of the peaks each: The team is Gerry Crowley, Mountain Guide cyclist and adventure racer; Susan Steele, endurance athlete, marathon runner; John Murray, long distance runner and endurance athlete; and my son Jack Murray, trainee deck officer, runner and navigator. Love the idea of the race and we formed a team!

Who's next?!