The Great Millennium Circle

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by Robert McCaffrey

The Great Millenium Circle (GMC) is the longest possible circular path in the UK. The 'pure line' of the GMC is approximately 750km long, and the centre of the circle is near Kidderminster. The GMC is constrained mainly by three bodies of water, the River Severn, the Wash, and the Dee/Mersey. The GMC passes through some of the UK's most beautiful scenery, as well as several town and cities, and diversity of experience is a constant theme.
In an effort to avoid the destruction which has come with specifying long distance footpaths too closely, to encourage an absolutely unique experience for anyone attempting the GMC, and in the spirit of the Millennium, the GMC may be followed by anyone following paths within 2000m of the 'central line'. Because the GMC is not specified as a single path, it cannot be waymarked in the normal sense of the word. Anyone attempting the GMC will need to decide upon their own route, and be able to follow the map to acheive their aim. Also, because following the 'pure path' of the GMC is physically and legally impossible, the traveller along the GMC will necessarily take a longer route. How much longer is up to the individual.

I have walked the circle (with about 150km of cycling through the Fens), and it was brilliant!

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The end of the Great Millennium Circle, on 16 April 2000.

Left to right: Margaret Crane, Elizabeth Ross, Robert McCaffrey (pushing Elizabeth Daisy McCaffrey in the push chair), Lewis McCaffrey, Valerie McCaffrey, Sally McCaffrey and Walter McCaffrey. Also present, Barrie Crane and Catherine Lyons.