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As you may now know, I have devised a new route to mark the Millennium, taking the form of the largest perfect circle that it is possible to fit into the outline of the UK. The route is 750km long if you keep perfectly to the line of the circle. The route passes over the Severn Bridge, along the M4 corridor, through the Fens, up through Doncaster and Barnsley, over the Pennines, through Manchester and Chester and then down through the Welsh borders and the Black Mountains to arrive back at the Severn Bridge again.

I started the walk in April, and, walking mostly at weekends, I will finally finish , a the cntre of the (old) Severn Bridge at 2pm on 16 april 2000.

I will save the very last part of the walk until then so that I can bring along our new baby, Elizabeth Daisy MCaffrey.

I am writing up the walk as I go, and will publish an account of the walk in May 2000.

You might be asking yourself, 'What has all this got to do with me?' Well, I am
hoping to be able to raise £2000 (geddit?!) in sponsorship during the course of the walk. And you are one of the people I am asking to help me! The sponsorship will be be sent to four charities:

Cystic Fibrosis Research

Amnesty International

The Prince's Trust


I am bearing the cost of the walk itself.

If you feel able to help me, please print and fill out the sponsorship form below and send it back to me at 6B East Street, Epsom, surrey, KT17 1HH.

I would like to sponsor Robert McCaffrey on his +750km walk/cycle -
The Great Millennium Circle

Please find enclosed £
I do not want to be acknowledged on the Great Millennium Circle's web pages
I would like a receipt by post to the address below
Name __________________________________________________________________________
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Thank you!

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