The Leith Hill Half

Not the toughest, but tough enough!

Dorking - Westcott - Leith Hill

A half marathon from Dorking to the top of the highest point in southeastern England - Leith Hill (and back)

Starting from the Nower, you proceed to the eastern end of the Nower ridge, climb up to the top and run along the crest, with views back to the race start on your right, and views towards Leith hill on your left. Go past the small temple at the top of the ridge, and trend right steeply downhill. Turn left and proceed along the private road for around 300m until you encounter a right hand turn that looks like it's someone's drive: it isn't, so turn in right and then take the right hand path and proceed down a narrow and uneven path next to a chicken-run (on your left) and down the steps at the end, turn left on the road and after around 40m turn right over a little bridge. Keep going straight, deviating neither right nor left, for another 2km, along narrow paths and bridleways, and along rutted sandy gullies, until you arrive at the junction with the A25 at Rookery Drive. There will be a water station here. Turn left, and run along next to the Pipp Brook: bear right after the stables, and run past the old mill and mill pond on your left: then immediately turn left up a bridleway and on into open country. Follow the path steeply uphill until you emerge on the sandy lane known as Wolvens Lane (a byway open to all traffic - a BOAT - so beware of trials bike riders and drivers of 4x4s). Turn left and start the very long climb up to Coldharbour, which you will reach after about 2 miles - deviating neither left nor right. At the car park opposite the Plough pub in Coldharbour, turn right and proceed very steeply (walking is allowed) up towards Coldharbour cricket ground (and another water station). Follow signs for the tower, and after a very steep final climb, you arrive at the tower - but don't stop! To benefit from the views, run past the tower, turn left and then right, and run to the half way point, which is a carved wooden chair. Have a rest if you need one, and then reverse your route to the start. Good luck!

Leith Hill Half route on Plot-a-route

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Image produced from the Ordnance Survey Get-a-map service. Image reproduced with kind permission of Ordnance Survey.

Start is at 250 feet altitude, half way at 950 feet altitude, but the course is very 'lumpy' so that total ascent and descent are 1836 feet each. (Horizontal grid squares are miles)

Profile by Mike Saunders.

Although there will be marshals on the course, runners are responsible for completing the course correctly.