The Leith Hill Half

Not the toughest, but tough enough!

Dorking - Westcott - Leith Hill

Including the Wife Carrying Race

Race information and tips

The race is reasonably tough - leave something in the tank for the last couple of miles, which are very lumpy!

Top tip: run the slopes, walk the stairs.

These are the race instructions for the Leith Hill Half, starting at 11am on Sunday 17 March 2024.

You will not receive anything through the post.

The race route is reasonably tough - Tough Enough, for sure - So leave something in the tank for the last couple of miles, which are very lumpy!

Top tip: run the slopes, walk the stairs. Most of all, enjoy the first run of spring.

If you can't run, please come and marshal - please email (You get the race goodies, breaksfast and a free place at a future race). Marshals needed from 9am at the race HQ. We need marshals!

Park at the Priory School (RH4 3DG) - not in adjacent side streets.

Please arrive in good time to collect your race number, and to see the Wife Carrying Race at 10.30. Water-bucket-chucking volunteers are needed - and children with water pistols are also welcome.

Toilet and showers are available in The Priory School. Although the Nower has innumerable trees and bushes, please use the facilities at The Priory School (we want to be able to use this location again next year!).

We will have an area where you can drop your bag at the race HQ - but don't leave anything of particular value in there. You can drop your car keys with us when you collect your race number at the HQ. Pick them up at the race finish (not back at the HQ!).

Please run on the left at all times. Since this is an out-and-back course, you will be passing a lot of other runners going the other way (even if you are in the lead, or last). PLEASE give all runners maximum encouragement - you are all in this race together. Headphones are BANNED for this very reason - do us all a favour - don't run in a bubble!

IF you are going to spit (yuck!), make sure you don't do it on or anywhere near anyone else - thank you.

If you have trail shoes, you should use them if it has been raining - the course may be very wet and muddy. Spikes are banned (and aren't necessary anyway).

Around 45% of the race is on very uneven hard tracks, 45% on sandy or muddy paths, 5% on grass, 5% on tarmac. If it has been wet, it will be very muddy.

Woolvens Lane is a BOAT - Byway Open to All Traffic. This means that it is a very rough track, which is also used by off-road vehicles (4x4s, trials bikes etc). Please use great caution!

Watch where you put your feet: the tracks we are using are uneven. Twisted ankles, tumbles and cuts are not unknown. In case of any accident or emergency, the next marshal should be within 1 mile (1.609km) of you (either in front or behind), so send a runner to get help. The race medical service provider is Blue Star Medical.

There are water stations at approximately 2, 5.5, 7.5 and 11 miles, and at the end. There will be sweet things to eat at the water stations (unless the other runners have eaten them all up!). There are no mile markers on the course.

How fast will you run? A 20:00m Parkrunner will do the Leith Hill Half in 1:54 (so you might try multiplying your 5k time by 5.2, or 10k time by 2.6). However, just to complete it is a challenge, so forget the watch and just enjoy!

Please do not litter the course - drop cups etc only at the water stations - thanks!

The course will be marked with tape, signs, paint and marshals. Keep your wits about you and you'll get around fine.

If you want a time at the end, show us your running number. No visible number, no time!

We will have a micro-race (400m) for kids at 11.10, no need to register, just turn up. Carrots for prizes.

Prizegiving will take place at around 1.15pm at the race finish (top three men, top three ladies). If it's raining, prizegiving will be in the cafeteria.


Sorry, no swimming pool this year.

There is a free full cooked English breakfast for all runners and marshals in the school cafeteria after the race. Bring and show your race number to claim your breakfast.

If you can't come to run - please marshal! Email me at - thanks!

Results, photos and video will be up on the race web site after the race.

Remember to smile!

Have a great run - and good luck!

Rob McCaffrey, race organiser