We love our marshals - Trionium races could not happen without them.

Trionium marshals get a free place in a future Trionium race (and often get the race goodies as well, if supplies allow).

If you would like to join our Trionium Marshals (no experience necessary - just common sense and a cheerful and 'can-do' demeanor!) please email - thank you!

We ask them to do three main things:

1: Look out for the safety and well-being of the runners;

2: Send the runners in the right direction;

3: Give our runners the best support in the world (clapping, cheering, dancing, singing, banter - anything to get them round the course with a smile on their faces!)

Marshals attend a pre-race briefing, and are then allocated positions or tasks, suited to their own situation.


Trionium marshals must be among the very best in the world... but don't take our word for it: this is what the runners have said about our marshals:


Midsummer Munro:

This is undoubtedly my favourite race to date. The marshalls, the bag-pipe player, the anthem, the runners, the scenery and, yes, even the course all made for the hardest and most enjoyable half I have ever done.

I've never experience such enthusiastic marshalls.

Amazing support as always from the marshals: your [early] alarm call would have likely been of a similar time [to us runners] and yet you all had a shout out and a smile for each and every runner !! Thank you :-)

Excellent organisation as usual: The marshals are simply the best, so cheerful.

Very supportive marshals at the well-stocked drinks stations, where life-giving jelly-babies are issued as standard.

The marshals were superb again.

Thanks for the excellent organisation and cheerful marshals.

Thank you to the band of merry marshals for once again showing you set the standard for great races and organisation.


Leith Hill Half:

The marshals were great.

A big thank-you to the Lady marshal at the half-way point, thats the way to Marshal, tyvm.

Outstanding course over some stunning scenery, well organised, brilliant marshalling, fantastic atmosphere, excellent T shirt and mementos, superb weather.

Awesome atmosphere from marshals and other runners.

Lovely marshals all doing a fantastic job.

Big thank you to all the marshals for the hard work to make it so smooth for the competitors.

Tough no doubt but brilliantly organised, wonderfully marshalled and supported.

Thanks vm to the excellent marshals.

Great comradeship, great marshals: great fun!

Fantastically marshalled throughout (especially the lovely ladies at halfway).


Knacker Cracker:

The marshals were fantastic.

Great Marshals. Great atmosphere every year.

A huge thank you to ... the marshals for all being so jolly and encouraging.

Great organisation, superb marshals...

Marshals were fabulous!

Lots of encouraging marshals ...

Great organisation, wonderful marshals...

Well organised, loads of friendly marshalls to help along the way...


Greensand Marathon and Half:

Superb marshals...

Great support from marshals and other runners gets you round this course.

... brilliant marshals ...

A huge thanks to all the marshals...

Superb organisation and fantastic marshals.

Thank you to the great marshals...

The marshals were simply great, most encouraging, motivating, with big and friendly smiles.

Brilliant marshals who were both highly encouraging and polite to all the tired runners giving us a real positive boost when we needed it - thank you !


Bath Hilly Half:

Supportive marshals with jelly babies including the 'fool on the hill' - gruelling but loved it!

Top race, great marshals, plenty of mud and fun.

Well organised, great marshalling and support.

Marshals did an excellent job!

The marshals and the Fool do a wonderful job.

Thanks so much for organising an excellent race yesterday. It was the first of yours that I've done and I absolutely loved it! The marshals and everyone around were so friendly and helpful.


Would you like to join our marshaling team? Fantastic! Just email!