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Trionium races - Terms and Conditions

Refund policy: Trionium race entry fees are not refundable, but provided the organiser is notified by email (info at trionium dot com) at least two weeks before the event, a runner's place may be deferred to another Trionium race if places are available. Runners are able to pass on or sell on their place to another runner, on the proviso that the organisers are informed at least 10 days before the event.

If Trionium shortens, curtails or alters a race (either before or during a race) due to safety considerations (including adverse weather), race entry fees are not refundable.

Race cut-off times are in place for the safety of runners and marshals. Runners arriving at control posts after a cut-off time will be turned back. Race entry fees are not refundable in any part or portion in this case. Runners are required to follow the instructions of the race marshals at all times, for their own safety and the safety of other users of the course.

Runners arriving late for the start of a race may be denied a start at the race director's discretion (generally based on route-finding and safety issues), and in which case, no refund will be given.

Runners may be disqualified for the following reasons: Not following marshal instructions (including at road crossings and in the case of a cut-off time); use of headphones which exclude the possibility of hearing instructions from marshals or communicating with other users of the course; rudeness or incivility to other course users or marshals; and for other reasons as the race organisers see fit. In these cases, race entry fees are not refundable.

If Trionium cancels or postpones a Trionium race for any reason (including adverse weather), race fees will not be refunded. However, the organisers will make every effort to reschedule the race, and runners will be able to carry over their place to the re-staging of the race (or pass on their place to another runner, as outlined above). In any case, race entry fees are not refundable.

Entry into Trionium's races is contingent on acceptance of these terms.

That seems fair.

info at trionium dot com